Rumor mill
. . . has it that USAF, envious of the Marines' waycool camouflage pattern, is pursuing its own unique camouflage uniform. The pattern was described as the Vietnam-era tiger stripe, weaving the "urban" colors blue, gray, and tan, mimicking the concrete, dirt, and buildings of airbases.

Sounds cool, but, uh, guys? Can you angle the chest pockets on the jacket, like on the MARPATs? And attach the cuffs inside out like theirs too---the cuff buttons hang up on camouflage netting.

And for Pete's sake, let's convert to a pin-on subdued enlisted chevron---just one, on the flap of the jacket covering the placket buttons, at the level of the chest pocket flaps. Or provide a flap to carry the subdued cloth chevron from the GoreTex parka, like on the CADPATs. Officers would continue to wear rank insignia as on the current uniform.

Speaking of the jacket front button flap, since we all carry pens tucked in there anyway, why not just widen it a bit and put a pen pocket inside there?

One last thing: leave oversize pen slots or big buttonholes in the pocket flaps for the big bellows pockets on the trouser legs. When you put an LMR in the pocket, you need a handy way for the antenna to stick out. Better yet, put a sturdy belt loop in the pocket, attached to the leg sideways, to clip the LMR on to. Otherwise, the LMR flops around in the pocket.

Another last thing: attach the seat pockets on the outside of the trousers. Ask why, if you must.

Yet one more last thing: follow the Marines and convert to a single, quality, brown suede safety-toed boot. Single, as in, the same boot for temperate or desert climates.

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