Holidays make me think about such things
While preparing our large list of Christmas cards, Mama-san and I were faced with the grim task of reprinting several envelopes. Divorces and separations, in addition to a death, have caused several "Mr and Mrs" to become just "Mr" or "Mrs."

Being an INTP, it struck me that one's way of dealing with that event would be useful as a personality type indicator. Expect to see the following question on a Meyers-Briggs test someday.

Do you:

  • strike through the "and Mrs" with a pen,

  • cover the whole address with an adhesive label, and fret that the thin paper label still allows one to read the mistake (and the strikethrough) through it,

  • ask Mama-san to print a new envelope (only two or three left!),

  • kick yourself viciously for having let the mistake through in the mail-merge stage?

  • All of the above.

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