The soundtracks of our lives
Bigwig's idea of songs that are impressed on his memory reminds me of my blessing/curse. A song is constantly playing in my head, and it usually pertains in some way to what is going on in the real world outside the head. If the same song plays over and over, trouble is brewing.

Ain't talkin bout love---Van Halen. When I was turned down for a date one time too many.

Good Times, Bad Times---Led Zeppelin. When I had my apartment to myself again.

That's the way it oughta be---another LZ. Motoring with Steve around Wisconsin in summer, canoeing down the Kickapoo River from Sparta.

Nature's Way---don't know the artist. When the ex announced she was moving out, and I agreed that it was a good idea.

Kissing with Confidence---Will Powers. When I Finally Met Hertm.

Karn Evil Nine---Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Reading about the recently released motion picture, The Exorcist.

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