What Would Bugs Bunny Do?
. . . in the War on Terrorism, asks Glenn Reynolds, as he comments on a post at Cooped-up.

Rather, what would Sam Kinison do?

How about loading up in a Suburban with Saudi plates and an emblem from the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, trolling the malls for a mutawa, and, gasping for breath, inviting him to help you bust up the wet T-shirt contest at the Sheraton "cuz we need all the hands we can get." Once he's inside the vehicle, overpower him and get him started immediately on his new diet of lots of Ecstasy. Then deliver on the promise of the wet T-shirts---for several days---and return him safely where you found him. Replace his horsewhip with a sex toy.

Find another mall. Repeat.

Correction: Thanks to Instapundit's readers and Kinison fans for catching my spelling error; please accept my apologies.

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