Bee in My Bonnet

Hello all! Well, just like jumping into a cold pool is best done all at once and quickly... here goes my dive into blogging!

I usually listen to Christian radio while on the job as Mom the Chauffeur. Last week for some reason I tuned into conservative talk radio. Dennis Prager (http://www.dennisprager.com/) was interviewing a gentleman about Liberals - why they act as they do and why they won't change. Maybe this is old news to you, but for me it finally lit a light bulb. The point being made was that for Liberals equality was the overriding priority. Equality is more important to Liberals than morality or freedom or responsibility or anything else. It is their overriding concern.

I asked myself how the world would look though equality colored glasses.

One example: parents versus children. For there to be equality children need to have the same power as parents. And so we have children suing parents and parents afraid to discipline their children when they misbehave in public. Children are smart enough to use their parents hesitation to their own advantage. Parents are responsible for forming morality and decision making in their children and discipline is one of the tools. Oh, but I forgot. That would only be important if morality and decision making had a higher priority than equality.

And what about jobs? In my lifetime I have already seem equality erode job standards. When women wanted to become firemen, they had to lower the standards so the women could qualify for the positions. Now don't get me wrong. I'm all for women being firemen. I think it's great. But I also think they need to meet the same standards as the men for our safety and theirs! Those standards were not plucked out of thin air. If you want the job then work for it and EARN it!

Life is not supposed to be fair and I'd Like to know who started the rumor that it was!

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